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Heard of #Zoats? It's the viral breakfast trend you need right now | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

zoats, porridge, oats, zucchini

A day without a good breakfast in your belly is exhausting. Why not wake up to a colourful bowl of nutritious zoats? The trendiest morning meal around.

For starters: it's not a herd of goats who only run in zig-zags. Sorry to disappoint. We've been introduced to the on-trend breakfast that fitness fanatics and nutrition-conscious foodies alike are sharing on social media. It's called Zoats (cue the hashtag). 


It's becoming institutionalised with the healthy hipster community, and the influx of Instagram users showcasing their #zoats has dramatically rose to the levels of other fashionable foods such as avocado toast, craft baking and buddha bowls. So what are they? Here's our Box Appetit-ified dictionary definition:


[zəʊts] | Noun

Simple definition: a bowl of porridge oats which includes shreds of zucchini, commonly known as courgette or marrow.

At first thought, it's weird. Beyond strange. Adding grated zucchini - a vegetable associated with savoury dishes - to your first meal of the day sits funny with the stomach. But then almost 40,000 foodgrammers have shared their breakfast oat upgrades to date.


Take them a few gourmet steps further than a courgette twist. Add a flavoured protein powder for pre-workout fuel. Drizzle on honey with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds. Load freshly picked berries and fruit atop your porridge mountain. 

Need zoatspiration? The most eye-catching bowls are simply a hashtag away...

Our Top Five Breakfast #Zoats on Instagram

Beetroot and blueberry


Citrus zest, frozen berries and granola


Caramelised zucchini, pecans, mulberries, raisins and edible flowers 


Sticky toffee pudding with chocolate and almond butter

Just had a bowl of absolute heaven for breakfast 😍👌🏻 Sticky toffee pudding #zoats topped with: 🔺frozen raspberries 🔺@crumpetscoffee raspberry dark chocolate 🔺chocshot 🔺WF caramel syrup 🔺@pipandnut coconut almond butter 🔺@jimjams_spreads chocolate hazelnut spread 🔺@belovedates date heart accompanied by a @crumpetscoffee toffee deluxe coffee ☕️ use my code 'LOUISE10' for a discount! So glad I finally found these little date hearts in Asda: they are so cute & delicious 😋 also; WARNING - that Jim Jams spread is highly addictive 🙄 Chocolate, coffee & oats will always be my favourite fuel for #legday followed by another evening at Llandaff Rowing Club to do some more S&C work experience 💪🏻☺️ #iifym #macros #flexibledieting #balance #eatclean #eatforhealth #eattoperform #cleaneating #foodie #foodporn #foodisfuel #health #nutrition #nutritionstudent #healthy #girlgains #girlswholift #ukfitfam #fit #fitfam #fitfood #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #rowing #performancenutrition #jimjamsspreads

A photo posted by Louise Jones (@loumjones) on


Blueberries, banana, raspberries, pumpkin seeds and white chia seeds

6am Zoat Game. STRONG. 👌🏻👊🏽🍲 . @planetorganic sprouted rolled oats & half a grated courgette cooked in @twochicksproducts egg whites🐣, with a tsp of @creativenaturesuperfoods cacao powder & a scoop of my DELICH @vivolifeuk Perform cacao protein mixed in 🍫🙅🏼😋 . Topped with the usual suspects: bluebs, banana, raspberries, @hollandandbarrett pumpkin seeds & @rawhealthorganic white chia seeds 🍌🍇✨ . Three days until my holidayyy 😬☀️☀️☀️ Becoming beyond excited! I live for that Sunshine 🙌🏻👙😎✈️ . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #wednesday #humpday #healthy #breakfast #oats #zoats #cacao #superfood #porridge #berries #seeds #health #nutrition #preworkout #protein #fitfood #lifestyle #fitness #food #bbg #hblogger #london

A photo posted by Max 🌞🍴👸🏼🇬🇧 (@sunshineandwaffles) on


With people surfing on the crest of healthy eating crazes, this should be your next nutritious experiment in the kitchen. It's lunch pot worthy. We'll leave you with an expert walkthrough recipe from The Diet Kitchen... Enjoy!

How To Make Zoats: The Diet Kitchen

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Feature image credits: @marissaherbstler / @sharper_fit_nut

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