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Water bottles, your questions answered - Black+Blum

| by Dan Black

Stay hydrated throughout the day, do your bit for the environment and get healthy in the process. Eco friendly and sustainable water bottles are fast replacing the disposable plastic kind, and for good reason.

With a huge range of glass, stainless steel and BPA-free plastic bottles on offer, you can filter, infuse and drink on the go, while saving yourself money in the long run. Furthermore, Black+Blum’s water bottles are designed with style and function in mind, giving you much more than a simple ventricle.

What are the different types of water bottle?

There are a wide range of water bottles available - from glass, to plastic, to stainless steel, you can get a water bottle to suit any need. But with so much on offer, how do you choose the right type of water bottle for you? And what are the benefits of each?

Stainless Steel water bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are typically made from high-grade steel. They’re strong and durable yet lightweight, so they can be transported easily without the risk of breaking or leaking.

Our stainless steel water bottle is a simple yet stylish design, which was inspired by vintage enamelware and is perfect for those looking to simply fill up their bottle and go. As with all Black+Blum water bottles, they are BPA free and have vegan leather straps, so they can be enjoyed by all.



Glass carafe Black+BlumGlass water bottle

A glass water bottle gives you a clean taste that you can enjoy from anywhere. With glass bottles, you don’t ever have to worry about chemical plasticisers such as bisphenol A (BPA) - although we would never use materials that contain this chemical, some other brands of water bottle do. If you are ever concerned, check the label for a breakdown of materials used. 

As these bottles are made from glass, there can be a risk of breaking. Look for a bottle that uses strong, resilient glass that is shatter resistant.

We used our best-selling Eau Good water bottle design with hand-blown borosilicate glass, which is strong, looks good and makes water taste great. It also includes a neoprene sleeve to insulate and provide extra protection against breakages. All water bottles in our Eau Good range also come with a charcoal filtration system, adding extra health benefits and making your water taste even better.


Insulated water bottles

An insulated water bottle is ideal for those who like to keep their water cold for long periods. This is especially useful if you are travelling or hiking in the heat. Because they’re vacuum-sealed, the contents of insulated water bottles have nowhere to transfer the heat to.

Our Thermal Flasks keep water cold for up to 24 hours and liquid warm for up to 8. The overall design is practical, durable and extremely functional, allowing you to enjoy your drink the exact temperature you want it, from anywhere at anytime.


Plastic water bottles
Plastic water bottles are common, although it’s important to be sure the plastic used is free from BPA and other nasty chemicals. All our reusable plastic water bottles, such as those in the Eau Good range are made from a special type of BPA free plastic called Tritan.

Eau Good Reusable water bottle range by Black+Blum


Are reusable plastic bottles ok for the environment & health?

Many of us have heard plastic water bottles are bad for our health. This is true in the case of disposable bottles that you’d buy in the supermarket, but doesn’t apply to all types of plastic. Tritan is eco-friendly, phthalate free and can be recycled, so it’s good for your health, as well as the environment.

Our Eau Good bottles are designed to be used in any environment - on your commute, in the office, at the gym, or while you’re running. We therefore decided to use Tritan because of its durability. Having a plastic bottle also allows the charcoal to be locked into a groove, thus enabling it to always be in contact with the water, which ensures proper water filtration.

What are the benefits of a charcoal filter water bottle?

Hands with Charcoal

It may sound slightly strange, but adding a charcoal filter to your water bottle actually has many benefits, not just for your health but also for the taste of the water. Specific benefits of the Black+Blum charcoal filter water bottle are:

  1. Charcoal filters work to remove the nasty chemicals often found in tap water and add some minerals from the charcoal in return 
  2. They soften the water and make it healthier and tastier 
  3. Each Binchotan charcoal filter is individually vacuum packed and has had ultra-sonic cleaning beforehand. This method ensures your filter is sterilized, free from bacteria and ready for immediate use. 
  4. The benefit of our charcoal over other filters on the market is that it is used in its natural form and not crushed up into granulated bits. This means that our charcoal is also not permanently encased in hard plastic, which is more environmentally friendly and won’t ultimately end up in landfill. 
  5. You can recharge it to extend its life by potentially another 3 months (6 months in total)

How is the Eau Good Duo different?

The Eau Good Duo, our most recent release and the latest generation in the Eau Good range, has been carefully designed to bring our famous design and functionality to our more active community.

We’re doing the release of the Eau Duo Good a little differently - we’re giving you the opportunity to be part of this exciting launch. Discover how you can get involved over on our kickstarter page and invest in the latest generation. Launching soon! 


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