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The Story of Stuff Project is building a healthier, plastic-free planet | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

the story of stuff, plastic pollution

The Story of Stuff Project has grown from a 20-minute educational film to a worldwide community of 'changemakers' in their millions, all with one goal: to build a healthier planet free from plastic pollution and overconsumption.

"We have a problem with Stuff. We use too much, too much of it is toxic and we don't share it very well" - The Story of Stuff Project

plastic pollution, the story of stuff

The Story of Stuff: What's The Issue?

Unfortunately, we are. Single-use man made plastic is laced with synthetic chemicals that the Earth cannot digest, leading to overfilling landfills, polluted oceans and ugly littered environments. Deforestation and overconsumption of natural resources is threatening life cycles too.

Troublesome realisations, eh... but threat not, as by educating ourselves we can tackle these head-on with united strength. 

WATCH THE ORIGINAL MOVIE: Story of Stuff (2007)

Although the original 'Story of Stuff' film was uploaded to YouTube back in December 2007, the chimes of environmental issues ring true to this day. Even back then, the facts were unavoidable and a reform must have happened since (you would hope).

Here are the top four shocking facts which leave a bitter taste in the mouth from almost ten years ago...

  • 40% of waterways in the US had become "undrinkable"
  • There were 100,000 synthetic chemicals being used in commerce
  • The US industry admitted to releasing over 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals a year
  • Between 1970 - 2007, one third of the planet's natural resources had been consumed.

Source: The Story of Stuff Fact Sheet

WATCH:The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

This is where we can all do our bit to combat plastic pollution. Why do we collectively purchase billions of bottled water a day when, for most, it's readily available from a tap for free? The result is plastic waste. Mountains of non-degradable plastic that festers around us. 

There's a solution though: invest in a BPA Free, reusable water bottle. We designed our Eau Good to be environmentally friendly and great for regular tap water refills - and it will save you digging change out of your pockets every time at the shop for a drink. 

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The Story of Stuff: How They Are Changing The World 

When it comes to tackling environmental issues, the project is at the forefront of groundbreaking public education. From local campaigns in the US tackling bottling water plants and the clean-up of water sources, community solutions to pollution and YouTube videos which break down stats and facts without the waffle.

Most recently, they took on Nestle who are attempting to bottle and transit millions of tons of fresh water in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Watch the film below...

Say no to pollution and start living clean and green today. 

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