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"Never eat soup that's too salty" warns restaurant workers on Reddit | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

soup, restuarant, kitchen, salt, box appetit

Fan of ordering soup for starters in restaurants? Shut down your desktop tab or lock your phone screen immediately. This shocking salty truth will bee sting your eardrums.

Reported by the Metro, a Reddit thread of restaurant workers recently went haywire exposing their kitchen nightmares and dirty little secrets. Chefs, waiting staff and bartenders alike spoiled the broth for many avid public diners who enjoy the experience of eating out with truly shocking behind-the-scenes truths.

soup, box appetit, salt, restaurant

Everything from seafood pizza to ice cubes in drinks were brutally panned, but none more so than the No1 starter of choice: the humble soup.

user/seagullhunter kicked the cold topic into submission with "‘Soup. It never gets cooled properly at night in the big container so it stays lukewarm for hours.’ Gross. It's not a pleasant thought, yesterday's soup. 

soup, box appetit, salt, restaurant

But it gets worse. Much, much worse. user/TheCSKlepto reveals in detail that "‘There’s a lot of red flags when it comes to soup. If it's real salty you know it's been on the heat all day. If it's watery, they just added cream/water to it. If it's thick, it's been on too long. The only places I order soup from are soup places now."

Waiter: "Would you like the soup, sir?" 

Me: "Erm, I'll pass thanks. What pâté do you offer?"


Of course, there's a sensible route around the kerfuffle. Homemade soup. Whether it's pea soup, tomato soup or miso soup that takes your fancy, make your own at home from fresh ingredients and keep it hot in a food flask... then you'll know exactly how long it's been on the stove for with no cheat ingredients. 

You can tour the full thread here: People who work at restaurants.. what is something people order all the time that grosses you out and you would never eat?


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