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Jamie Oliver's Balanced Plate Philosophy will revitalise your healthy portion control | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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Regardless of your palate and natural urges to 'give in' to treat food, the majority of your week should follow a strict(ish) balanced regime of healthy portion control. Jamie Oliver shares exactly what should be on your plate and inside your lunch box.

TV chef and healthy eating campaigner, Jamie Oliver, is a saint when it comes to educating the public with food-related wisdom. He helped ban the parasitical Turkey Twizzlers from British schools and successfully campaigned for a government sugar tax by 2020 this year.

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An adapted extract from Jamie's new book Super Food Family Classics blueprints a basic framework of weekly nutrition which focuses on hydration, food groups, calories and energy levels. Top Tip: sponge up the plan and prepare your lunch boxes with balance in mind.

Jamie Oliver says... Balance Is Key


All snacks aside, your main meals need to be well-balanced and nutritious. If you eat fish, two portions a week is a must; one portion being from an oily variety such as salmon or trout.

Meat-free plant-based dishes which include tiny amounts of red meat or poultry are highly recommended. Good news for vegetarians: an all-veggie diet can still be super healthy too! 

Jamie Oliver says... Drink Water

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"Drink plenty of water!" Regular hydration is crucial to life as we know it and the fact remains: the human body is consisted of 50-60% water. Keep a water bottle, like our Eau Good, on you at all times. Drink. Refill. Repeat. 

Jamie Oliver says... Eat For Energy

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It can be challenging to even out your calorie intake over breakfast, lunch and dinner. However guidelines state that you should consume amounts of energy at the following times of day:

20% at Breakfast | 30% at Lunch | 30% at Dinner | 20% for Snacks and Drinks

Simple advice: never miss a set meal. Skipping breakfast, avoiding lunch, eating a small dinner or consuming too many snacks will seriously disrupt your energy levels. 

Jamie Oliver says... Think Calories vs. 

UK Calorie Guidelines

UK Calorie Intake Guidelines: age and gender

Calorie consumption should always be in sync with your demographic: gender, age, build, lifestyle factors, activity levels and more. If you are catering for your family, pinch and twist your meals to meet everyone's energy needs; this is equally valid for lunch box leftovers. 


These are simple steps toward a cleaner path of good health, good food and wellness. What Jamie says, usually goes. His healthy eating advice tends to be gospel these days. 

For more of Jamie's live well tips, click here. 

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