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How to go vegan: three steps to quit animal-based products for good | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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Learn how to go vegan in three easy-to-follow steps. This is your essential starter kit to cutting animal-based products from your diet and lifestyle.

Yesterday was World Vegan Day - for practitioners and supporters of veganism, it's a celebration of a lifestyle that does not encompass animal-based products. Many factors will affect people's decisions to become vegan: health and nutrition, environmental protection, morality, social justice are amongst them. In today's society, it's becoming ever-more common.

go vegan, veganism


/'vi:g(ə)n/ | Noun

a person who does not eat or use animal products

It can be challenging to make the change but if you're convinced this is the route forward, it will require three crucial elements: time, planning and education.

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1. "Slow and steady wins the race..."

Essentially, you are re-programming your mind and body to avoid all associations with animal produce. This may be tricky and will take time, as many food and drink flavours you (and your taste buds) consciously enjoy will have origins leading back to an animal source i.e. meats and dairy. Equally, many on-market products will contain ingredients you need steer clear of - so always check the labels!

  • Learn the basics: get to know the 'plant-based philosophy', what foods are considered friendly, how your nutrition will change over time
  • Have your family or friends join your journey: this is great for regular motivation and setting yourself goals e.g. quit all meat in 6 months
  • Keep track of your budgets: a new lifestyle equals new personal expenditure, so ensure you are on top of your adjusted outgoings

Ultimately if you understand the transition from omnivore to herbivore won't occur overnight, you're one step ahead of the game.

veganism, vegan recipes, education

2. Plan and prepare your new diet

The key guidelines of how to go vegan: no meat, fish, poultry or by-products (e.g. eggs, dairy, honey). By-products are arguably the hardest; they are what separates vegetarians from vegans. To make switches to your daily nutrition, preparation and strategy is key. Take a few pointers from below:

vegan food pyramid

how to go vegan, vegan, vegetables, veg

3. Keep educating yourself and sustain the lifestyle

It's a practice and a learning curve. You will need to consistently educate yourself: follow influencers on social media who are immersed in the vegan community and post exciting content; google 'vegan recipes' for weekly meal ideas; keep up to scratch with politics, social debates, campaigns. You won't be alone - be involved in the society and conversation.


One of the best educational blogs we've found online is I Love Vegan: maintained by Brittany and William from Alberta, Canada it focuses on how simple, easy and beneficial a healthy vegan lifestyle can be. Wannabe vegans - we recommend this is as your complete 101 on how to go vegan. 

Are you ready to join the 542,000 people in Britain and around 8 million American citizens who are currently meat and dairy-free? Let us know below...

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