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The secret diet of Lionel Messi: revealed | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi is arguably the best footballer in the world. His dietitian, Giuliano Poser, has now revealed secrets behind the FC Barcelona legend's diet.

When it comes to professional football, nobody compares to Leo Messi. Well, perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo, but that's a long winded debate best saved for a rainy day.

But is there a secret to his record-breaking talent? A fresh insight into the FC Barcelona forward's eating habits and diet could shed light on his successful career.

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Giuliano Poser, Messi's personal dietitian and food scientist, has revealed to sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo the vital ingredients of Messi's diet; what he regularly eats and what he avoids to keep him in top form. 

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Poser explains there are five key foods the Argentine consumes daily: water, high quality olive oil, whole grains, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

As a special rule, all foods must be kept natural meaning no foods contaminated with herbicides, pesticides or medication are to be eaten. 

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When it comes to snacks or toppings, nuts and seeds are recommended for the well-rounded positive effects on the body.

The bad stuff? Avoid sugar and refined flours. Poser says sugar is "the worst thing for muscles" and consuming sugar can lead to muscle fatigue, cramps and a decline in stamina. He recommends steering clear of refined flours when possible, but states that this can be difficult. 

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A further secret revolves around Messi's salt and meat intake. "The amount of meat normally eaten my Argentinians and Uruguayans is too much," Poser added. With this in mind, Leo's lunch box and dinner plate will have red meat in moderation. 

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So yes - eating a chocolate bar or guzzling Red Bull before your Sunday league match will not give you Messi-esque vitality and finesse, as popular myths suggest.

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The methods and mantra Poser uses with Messi focus on preventing muscle injury with a balanced diet and kinesiology treatment. Read Giuliano Poser's full interview here.

Stay healthy. Stay hydrated. Stay fit. Maybe one day you'll reach the Level 100 God-like heights of Lionel Messi...

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Feature image credit (Lionel Messi): Football Renders 

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