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British Sandwich Week: 18 national sarnies you must try at home | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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Sandwiches. How versatile, wondrous and creative they are. Let's be honest: as lunchtime pick-me-ups go, they trump everything from soups to stir-fry to pasta. 

It's British Sandwich Week (May 8 - 14) which involves a culinary celebration of the iconic 'sandwich' which us Brits invented. Whichever word or slang you use from "bap" to "sarnie" to "butty", "barm" and "baguette", we absolutely love them.

The concept of placing a chosen filling between two slices of bread was coined by John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich back in the 18th century. Flash forward to the present day and we consume 3.5 billion a year... A YEAR! That's a lot of bready goodness. 

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The nation's favourite fillings range from Cheese & Pickle to BLT, Jam, Ploughman's, Prawn Mayonnaise and Chicken Salad. But it was the classic Bacon Sandwich that was crowned this year's most popular butty - and likely the most effective hangover cure too...

We also channel our Willy Wonka-ness by churning out barmy combos from fish fingers to crisps, chips, bananas, ketchup and marmite w/cheese. Oh how the rest of the world must laugh their socks off. 

So in recognition of British Sandwich Week 2016, feast your eyes on these 18 glorious sarnies from the Instagram community #BritishSandwichWeek:

1. Traditional rainbow-layered Muffuletta


2. 'Healthy' Sandwiched Breakfast


3. BLT w/ a fancy Lobster twist


4. (Posh) Fish Finger


5. Picnic-stuffed Houmous and Caramelised Onions


6. Fiery Chicken Club w/ Zesty Mango Salsa


7. Grilled Cheese Toastie

#grilledcheese #BritishSandwichWeek #British #Sarnie #foodphotography #workinginfood

A photo posted by Tony Briscoe (@tonybriscoe) on


8. Smoked Salmon and Egg Combo


9. Jazzy Grilled Spam


10. Fresh Egg 'n' Cress


11. Salt Beef and Gherkins

Is there anything more quintessentially British than a sandwich? The top item on the menu at @bbarlondon is the succulent #SaltBeef Sandwich – procured from Hensons of #SmithfieldMarket in #London. Hensons brine their salt beef to a #secretrecipe that has been handed down for decades to a very select few family and #artisan butchers. Once it arrives at #bbar it is cooked very slowly for nearly six hours to ensure it is so tender it will melt in your mouth. Sandwiched in traditional caraway seed bread, served with pickles, a selection of mustards and our much acclaimed broccoli coleslaw, you will never taste salt beef like it anywhere else! #BritishSandwichWeek #SandwichWeek #TasteofRCH #food #foodie

A photo posted by Red Carnation Hotels (@redcarnationhotels) on


12. Mediterranean Grilled Veg


13. British Childhood w/ Cheese, Pickles and Cucumber


14. Northern Chips, Gravy, Chicken and Fried Egg Butty


15. Devonshire Ham and Cheese


16. Vegan Crisp Sarnie

It's #BritishSandwichWeek so I made a #vegan crisp sandwich and wrote about it ✨

A photo posted by ?Cate In The Kitchen? (@cateinthekitchen) on


17. Scampi Po'boy Sub w/ Pickle and Sriarcha


18. Britain's favourite: The Bacon Barm with Ketchup

Bacon and egg sandwich to fuel the machine #baconsaturday #baconsandwich #realfood #foodporn #food

A photo posted by funkyprepper (@funkyprepper_) on


Why not carry and eat your sarnie on the go with a Sandwich On Board? 

Share your sandwich creations with us using the hashtag #myboxappetit & we'll share them on our Instagram page: @box_appetit

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