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Earth Day Challenge 2016: 5 steps towards a greener lifestyle | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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Earth Day falls on 22 April each year, channelling human energy towards environmental issues. Take our five-step challenge and help build a greener planet.

Whether you're switching off all power and electricity for one hour, ensuring there's zero waste when you're cooking or planting trees, Earth Day has inspired the world to take action for the benefit of our environment since 1970. 

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Lifestyle switches always prove difficult - if you've ever attempted to diet, eat clean, lose weight, even jump out of bed early, you know the feeling (and the pain!).

But Earth Day is calling and we're setting you all a unique challenge.

Here's five actions you can take this week, and every week from here on in, to save your local environment for the greater good of our glorious planet...

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Step 1: Create Zero-Waste Lunches

Planning your meals ahead of time can avoid waste of any kind; both excessive use of recipe ingredients, gone-off foods and packaging included.

Use the "whole" vegetable in your cooking to abolish food waste. Seeds, roots or stems add unique flavours to dishes, sauces, dressings and garnishes.

Bulk buy dry goods and invest in manageable portions of fresh goods when possible.

Once you've polished up your masterpiece meals, keep them safe in reusable lunch boxes. Which leads us on to...

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Step 2: Stop Using Disposable Plastic

A real no-brainer. We specifically designed our Box Appetit range with this in mind. Recently, 66-year-old famous actor Jeff Bridges has been campaigning against plastic pollution, and rightly so...

The Earth cannot digest single-use plastic, so by reusing our products for meals and on-the-go drinks it's benefiting the environment (and planet) tremendously. 

READ MORE: Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges is campaigning to end plastic pollution

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Step 3: Source Local Produce

You'd be amazed at how much premium-quality, fresh and localised produce is out there. We tend to bank on supermarkets every week for our groceries. Why not research what's readily available near you? 

Find a local butchers, cheese maker, fruit and veg farmer, pickles and jams connoisseur... this saves money on weighty manufacturing and distribution costs, cuts out the middle man and avoids over consumption.

Discover local food producers using your US zip code: www.localharvest.org

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Step 4: Reduce Your Meat Intake

Meat industries generate over a fifth of all greenhouse gases. Limiting consumption will ensure emissions are cleaner over time.

Eat meat 1-3 times a week instead of every day. Substitute beef, chicken or pork for fish. There's no harm in using vegetables as the feature portion of your meals too ~ #vegan #vegetarian

trees, forest, planting, seeds, grow, earth day

Step 5: Plant Seeds And Keep Growing

Grow grow grow. Dispersing and planting seeds contributes to Earth's natural habitats, environment and life.

Forestry, fruit trees, flowers and vegetable seeds are easily obtainable. Only good can come of plant growing and farming...


Remember: Earth Day is about raising public awareness of hot topics such as green schools and cities, climate change, endangered species, reducing fossil fuels and reforestation.

Accepting our five-step challenge is a leap in the right direction, but there are plenty more ways you can support the movement. 

For more information, please visit the official Earth Day website (www.earthday.org) and use the hashtag #MyBoxAppetit to let us know how your challenge is coming along...

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