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Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges is campaigning to end plastic pollution | Box Appetit

| by Drew Middleton

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Hollywood A-Lister Jeff Bridges is campaigning against the global crisis of plastic pollution we're facing, and why our overuse of the substance must end... NOW!

The 66-year-old Hollywood actor - famous for blockbusters such as The Big Lebowski, True Grit and Tron: Legacy - has voiced a powerful wake-up call to the world regarding the severity and damage caused by our overuse of plastic.

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"Open your eyes. When did we become a plastic society?" 

Teaming up with the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Mr. Bridges has narrated a campaign video which highlights the brutal truths of our excessive plastic consumption, and how it's harming both our local environments and planet as a whole...

Our planet, the Earth, cannot digest plastic. Every single man-made plastic substance still exists today, whether it clogs up underground landfills or contaminates our oceans - and that's a truly scary thought!

black+blum backs this campaign wholeheartedly. We want to save the environment - and our award-winning resuable and BPA-free Box Appetit products aim to do exactly that. All of our lunch boxes and water bottles will reduce both packaging waste and food waste. For more on our company's message, please see HERE!

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Plastic Pollution: The Worrying Facts

  • Plastic is everywhere! It's used to make bottles, bags, cups, to-go and fast food containers, packaging wrap, utensils and more...
  • 88,000-tonnes of plastic are "thrown out" by American's every day and every American will use between 500-700 plastic bags in their lifetime!
  • Recycling is actually 'downcycling' - the plastic we use never goes away!

plastic, pollution, ocean, contamination

  • Each year, 17 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles - that can fuel one million cars every year!
  • Plastic pieces on the ocean's surface now outweigh sea life 6/1, making up 90% of all rubbish floating atop the seas - that's 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile!
  • 93% of Americans have plastic BPA chemicals in their bodies which has been linked to bad health and disruption of hormones!

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Plastic Pollution: How We Can End It

  1.  Refuse disposable plastic! Over 200 countries have now issued plastic bag bans, which is a promising start...
  2.  Bring reusable items with you on-the-go such as water bottles, cutlery and bags!

These lifestyle changes and choices are simple enough, yet could seriously benefit the environment. So be The Dude like Jeff Bridges and say no to plastic pollution!

All of our products are environment-friendly, BPA-free and perfect for daily reuse. We recommend investing in our Eau Good Water Bottle, Box Appetit Lunch Box and lunch box cutlery set so you can confidently refuse disposable plastic to your heart's content.

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