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Guest Writer: Alexandra Dudley @PunchFoods - Making the most of what’s leftover | Box Appetit

| by Dan Black

This month we have teamed up with incredible food writer, Alexandra Dudley of Punch Foods. Alexandra is an advocate of all things good for you! She is a woman on a mission to help shake up the food industry along with her delicious 'Superseeds' - Coconut Brownie is to die for. Anyway - over to you Alexandra...

Black and white films and too much chocolate, afternoon walks and early evening baths, a few bottles of red and Netflix in bed, ahhh now that is what Sunday afternoons were made for.


"I pop on the radio, perhaps run a bath and mentally run through the week ahead."


Monday morning looms ahead the the prospect of meal prep for the working week seems somewhat uninspiring.  A trained ‘packed luncher’ since my early days I actually find the routine incredibly relaxing and I find myself looking forward to it. It’s my time, I pop on the radio, perhaps run a bath and mentally run through the week ahead.

But for many of us I do know that just the word ‘meal prep’ can strike what is less fear and more immense boredom into the pits of our ‘honestly I’ll just run to pret’ crying stomachs.


"I’m telling you, packed lunches are the way forward."


I like making packed lunch for more reasons than one, it saves money – meaning I get to feel less guilty about purchasing proper, artisan cups of coffee in joints that seem to buzz with creativity and whisper cool. They give me more than just a caffeine hit but can also leave a slight dent in the pocket. If coffee isn’t your thing it may be a drink after work or a few extra pounds towards that new purchase you’ve had your eye on.

Whichever way you look at it, packed lunches save money. Queues too! I’ve never been a fan of queues. No queues for the ‘packer luncher’. Above all though I generally find it tastes better. The great thing about being head chef is that you get exactly what you want. There’s no picking out the spring onions or having to drown your lunch in hot sauce just to …’you know, give it some flavour’.

I’m telling you, packed lunches are the way forward. But before I get ahead of myself and start bringing out the big boys of my healthy lunch ideas here is my one simple tip to making that Sunday evening  lunch prep that bit more manageable.


I am all about getting some extra greens into the nations lunch boxes so here’s a super easy healthy lunch idea that requires zero effort.

The key is Sunday Lunch.

Pop a few extra potatoes into the pan
Keep some good old fashioned steamed greens aside to jazz up later
Shred some extra chicken and let it cool on a plate whilst you natter or slice a few slices of meat to make one hell of a beef sarnie.


In my experience it’s the green guys that get left behind overshadowed by Yorkshire puds and gravy so you’ll likely have some cold, sad looking greenery knocking about. Any greens will work here, green beans, broad beans, cabbage even sprouts – shred these if using.

    • A few sprigs of steamed or boiled and cooled broccoli (lets say a small handful)
    • One raw carrot.
    • A tablespoon and ½ of good olive oil.
    • 2 teaspoons of soya sauce or tamari
    • A tablespoon of chopped herbs (basil, coriander are best)

    1. In a bowl mix the dressing ingredients along with the chopped herbs and toss in your broccoli.
    2. Peel and wash your carrot. Once you’ve removed the outer skin continue to peel the carrot slicing off thin ribbons directly into the bowl. Rotate your carrot as you do this to make the most of it.
    3. Using either your hands or two spoons give it all a good toss and you are good to go.
    4. Load up your lunch box adding whatever else you have to hand.

    This week I was all about embracing meatless Monday (I’d devoured half a chicken on Sunday so it felt appropriate) so it was a few extra sweet potatoes from Sunday lunch, some shredded lettuce, leftover kale tahini aubergine (recipe to come), half an avocado, a hefty spoonful of hummus and a fiery sprinkle of my chili smoke Superseeds which you can find HERE.

    Get my fabulous lunchbox HERE.

    This blog post was written by Alexandra Dudley of Punch Foods

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