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Cue The Marvin Gaye And Give Some Lunch Box Love This Valentines...

| by Dan Black

True love is when you do something unexpected for your loved one. It is not about how much you spend, but the thought and effort that you put in. Why not make them a surprise breakfast or lunch box filled with their favourite foods. You could then arrange to meet for a romantic culinary collusion and share the lunch box love together? 

If you are feeling particularly amorous, then why not include some aphrodisiacs. You might not be a fan of the obvious oysters, so we’ve listed some lesser well known ones below… and if you can think of a recipe that includes all of these, why not share it with us!

WARNING: Use the following with caution (especially in office hours!)… Chocolate, Bananas, Water Melon, Asparagus, Avocados, Vanilla, Salmon, Walnuts, Red Wine, Pomegranates.

Oh and did we say we're running a cheeky competition? Simply like our Facebook post to win a lunch box of your choice. The winner will be chosen at random on the 14th of Feb.


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